Partnum Media creates content that engages, educates & converts viewers to action, allowing your business to grow & scale.

App & Web Development  Partnum Media offers complete App Creation & Web Development options.  Weather your a small startup or large corporation, Partnum Media has services & developers who can make your online presence & products all that they should be. 

        We develop small Apps for local businesses that enable your customers to order products, arrange delivery, or schedule services.

Photo    We have access to stock photography & images. We also provide photography services locally & can book photographers in your area.


Video    We have access to stock video footage. We also provide Video Production services locally & can book Producers in your area.

         Partnum Media also produces Animated, Slideshow, & Motion Graphic content & advertisement materials.

Graphic Design    We provide Graphic Design services for Logo's, Products, Infographics, Illustration, Pamphlet, & Book Cover Design.

Content Writing    Targeted & SEO optimized Articles & Content that engages your niche & addresses their interest & needs.

Copy Writing      Targeted & SEO optimized Articles & Copy that engages readers & inspires them to take action.  Sales funnels & email campaigns.

Audio   We have the ability to create, record & host Audio files & audio streams for your visitors. Partnum Media can also record narration or sales copy for your companies needs.

Music   We have a collection of great music for content & advertisement. We can also create custom Music & Audio Tracks for content, courses, gaming or advertisement.

        PARTNUM MEDIA  offers single task, partial or complete development, & monthly maintenance plans for brands & businesses interested in establishing & scaling their online business.

        We offer a personal & hands on approach to Brand Management & Online Presence, with complete end to end solutions, for both the technical & creative aspects of your business.

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Web Hosting & Tools  (20 - 100$+) We can implement improvements to any online business with any hosting package, but we do suggest a few 'best choices' if you are just starting out, or find you need to restructure your service platforms.  Partnum Media has a list of preferred service providers for Web Hosting, Email Autoresponders, Funnel Builders, & Themes & Asset Providers.

Web Development, Single Build & Sale   (450$+ & Hosting)  Partnum Media can create a custom website designed specifically for your business & niche.  We have 5 & 10 page website development, Shopify & Ecommerce Stores, & custom App Development plans starting at 450$ plus hosting.

Web Development & Monthly Management   (1000$+ & Hosting + Ad Budget)  Our monthly management plans begin at 1000$ & require a 6 month commitment.  We research your specific niche & build an online presence that caters to success in your market. We also provide social media brand management.

Advertisement Campaigns  (400$ -1200$ + Ad Budget)   After initial creation of your web presence & associated Social Media accounts, we Advertise your brand & begin to collect a targeted mailing list.  Advertisement campaigns can include the Production of Written Copy, Photography or Custom Images, Videos or Motion VFX. We create campaigns, split test with analytics

Funnels  (400$+)   We can create customized Web Funnels that integrate with your site, allowing you to collect emails, sell products, & offer upsells or retargeting. 

Apps   (450$+ & Hosting)   We offer custom Apps for your company or local business. These are downloadable Apps that allow customers to order deliveries from a menu, arrange appointments or services,   or buy products & pay directly on line.  Online Apps are also popular to reach your customer base with new savings, products & offers.

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    Partnum Media is a Internet Marketing, Advertisement & Content Creation Agency. We develop innovative solutions for brands & businesses, facilitating rapid growth & scalability as you need it. 

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